Rain / Inclement Weather Field Recording

I am gearing up to do some field recording and it looks like the location will have a high chance of Rain & Inclement weather. Does anyone have any tips & tricks for shotgun / Rycote kit, and field recorder rain covers or weather protection advice?

The setup will be mobile, with various shotgun mics, mainly just looking to keep them and the recorders dry. Has anyone ever used the Rycote "The Duck" Rain Cover?

Any information or recording in the rain experience would be greatly appreciated!


I've been contemplating this possiblity myself. Summer storms are coming up here and I want to be ready to get some serious thunder and rain on many surfaces.

First of all you need to protect your gear (and yourself!) without screwing up the recording. This is hard, as in difficult with hard surfaces around, so my first thought is to use light stiff materials coated with a layer of foam to catch the rain without too much of a sound and just let it drip to the sides on the surfaces I want to record anyway.

I'll also want to avoid creating too big a shell around myself, as it might add reflections I don't want. It'll take a bit of experimenting I guess, and sussing out that particular problem is best done when it's not raining and in open areas without additional reflections, such as open fields.

I have a Rycote shell for my KM81. I might get a custom shell made or make it myself, which I could line with porous material inside to keep moisture from dripping insde. This obviously needs a lot of testing too.

I'd be using that kind of approach on myself (foam on plastic sheets probably) too.
Won't that stuff be a sight for sore eyes.


Thread from Sound Design List May 2008