Bear sounds

I'll start in a few weeks a documentary about bear hunting. The problem on this film is that there is no (good) location sounds about bears (baby and adults ones).

I was wondering if any people of this community have some? I searched on sounddogs and other commercial libraries but I find only one or two sounds in the SI 6000 library. Not so much for a 52 minutes documentary ! If someone have those kind of sounds maybe I could trade or buy.


National Geographic will probably have some. No idea what their policy is on sharing, but it can't hurt to ask.


Depending on what type of bears you need, both Animal Trax and Wide World Of
Animals have reasonably large sections of bears. I have both libraries.

There's also quite a lot of bears on "Just Birds & Animals" and the remarkably obscure "Bears, Cubs & Dragons" by Glacier Sound Design (available from I think). You can audition them (all?) at


There's not a library in the world where you're going to find enough coverage for a 52 minute film all about bears (of different ages no less). Not to mention that a documentary (you would hope) would require some authenticity in the sounds of the specific animal.

It's unfortunate that you weren't' able to salvage anything from the production tracks, but you still have to go out and record actual bears. That's just part of the job. It might cost something, but you often will find when you go out to record sounds that most people are really helpful and willing to do quite a lot for free. Showing an interest in what they do goes a long way. It's also (in my opinion), the fun part of the job.
Good Luck,


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