Watermarking methods for sound effects

Can anyone here kindly suggest a method for watermarking sounds? Is this something that is done in the file's metadata or something?

I need to deliver some of my sounds to a trailer house and I'd prefer not to hand over an open usage license, so I'm guessing some sort of watermarking method would be the way to go on this?

That's a good question Jamey. Other than embedding it in the metadata I am not sure.

My understanding is that no one has really figured out how create an audio watermark that is either audible or easy to get around....

How are you going to be able to tell (besides hearing it yourself?). Sure a watermark can help identify a single file.... but once they are all mixed and processed, treated etc. Any of that protection is out the window.

You are just going to have to eat the fact that it is possible...and either trust them or charge appropriately for handing over the sounds.

I have to agree with Kerry - Once the sound is mixed with others, an audible watermark will be difficult to identify (if it is not REALLY obvious-) Any meta data based watermark will of course not travel with the sound content.

the only recourse you might have is via musical composition copyright, which might be more trouble than it is worth. Realistically it is very difficult to control their propagation.

I think the best thing to do is bounce your completed sound design down to one file, not your entire project cause then you just mixed the work. An example would be a car crash. You probably use over 20 different elements to get a great car crash, make the elements work together then bounce it down so they do not get the individual sounds only the completed sound. Other than that not much can be done to
protect your sounds.

That is EXACTLY the kind of thing I was hoping for. Thank you!

From Sound Design List April 2008