How to create/generate the robotic sounding voice of the computer?

I'm looking for suggestions on how to create/generate the robotic sounding voice of the computer from the movie War Games (with Mathew Broderick)?

I'm assuming they used a vocoder but I'd love to get see what you guys would do.


Why not just use text to speech?
It is built in on every mac and you get a bunch of voices... Otherwise there are a few vocoders out there that do this just fine... The waves one is fine for "robot" voice...


The Waves Morphoder is indeed
very good for this kind of stuff, although I
have to say I still love the Orange Vocoder a lot -> it does this kind of robotic voices very well when you use sawtooths or squares as the carrier signals (the orange vocoder has two oscillators for the built in synth,which also allow for some nice modulation).

And of course an important factor is the voice actor's performance, it should be recorded with a robotic intonation / articulation for the best results.
Have fun:)


How about text-to-speech AND morphoder
or any sort of harmonic shifting plugin. That would solve the issue of the robotic intonation and get you that robotic texture.


from sound design list 15 Apr 2008